Climate Good

17,52  / month

Your Climate Good plan reduces 1 Carbon Footprint annually. That’s 16 tons a year β€” ideal for the average North American!*



The average carbon footprint for a person in North America is about 16 tons per year, one of the highest rates in the world.

The biggest factors in a typical carbon footprint are home heating and cooling, transportation, diet and travel.

If you own a condo or small home and a motor vehicle, include meat in your diet, and travel by plane two or more times a year, chances are your footprint is pretty close to that average.

And that makes this the perfect offset subscription for you!

What You Get

  • 32 grand pianos equals approximately 16 tons30 Trees planted monthly
  • Receive Climate Good Badge
  • Receive Climate Good News Stories
  • Support Carbon Reduction Tech Projects
  • Support Renewable Energy Projects
  • Projects Updates
  • 1 Carbon Footprint reduced annually. That’s 16 tons a year β€” the equivalent of 32 grand pianos!*
  • Through Climate Good’s partnership with CleanPlanet, you’ll also prevent over 1,600 gallons of toxic used solvent from being dumped or incinerated.
  • On top of that, your plan will support the development of renewable energy products like the SunStation to help build a more sustainable future.
  • Plus … FREE shirt!Β  On each anniversary of your subscription, we’ll send you a free, soft, eco-friendly Climate Good t-shirt in the size and style of your choice to wear or share.Β  It’s just our way of saying thanks for your support and commitment to carbon neutrality and a healthy, sustainable future!