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The SunStation is a renewable energy solution for your phone presently in development to help begin the switch to renewable energy.

For most of us, our phones are the devices we use the most in our daily lives. The SunStation lets us take our phones off the grid and power them with clean, renewable solar energy.

Bridges the gap for adopting solar power.
Makes solar power easier to use, and more accessible.
Enables an easy switch to renewable energy.
Eliminates carbon produced from charging a phone with electricity.
Empowers the user with a “wow!” moment. They will immediately see that solar power actually works.

With the SunStation, you can make an impact just by charging your mobile phone. When you subscribe to Climate Good, you will be supporting the development of the SunStation — an easy-to-use product that helps people seamlessly switch to renewable energy, and allows them to charge their phones using solar power. While it is convenient — and looks pretty good in your window — it records the amount of carbon it is saving which allows users to see first-hand the impact they are making.

How It Works

The SunStation is produced by Enerfi, an Ottawa-based renewable energy products company. The indoor solar powered phone charger is the size of a laptop, and simply hangs in your window. Using the power of the sun, it can charge your mobile phone and help you be climate positive. The SunStation allows people to charge their iPhone or Android phones day or night, and includes a 20W solar panel, 6,000mAh built-in battery, and one USB-A and USB-C charging port.

Tracking Its Impact

The electricity used to charge a mobile phone for one year produces about 7 lbs of CO₂. This means that using the SunStation is equivalent to planting five trees in its lifespan!

Like CleanPlanet, the technology tracks its impact. The SunStation records how much power it absorbs, and uses a calculation based on each watt of power that represents the amount of CO₂ saved from using non-clean energy. The user can also download the app, which shows how much CO₂ their SunStation has saved, as well as how much CO₂ the community of SunStations has saved.