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Our Projects

Tree Planting

Climate Good loves Trees. They are beautiful and we need them to breathe. Trees are the lungs of our planet. A tree takes in carbon dioxide and transforms it into oxygen. Trees are critical to sustaining life.

In the last 100 years our human population has rapidly increased whereas the tree population has rapidly decreased. Some countries have cut down 90% of their forests. We focus on supporting tree planting projects in these areas first as they need our help the most. Working together we can help become tree positive helping us all reach our climate goals as well as help local communities to reestablish their natural habitat and diversity.


CleanPlanet dramatically reduces carbon emissions.

This project reduces emissions by recycling industrial solvent waste for reuse in place of burning it. Each gallon recycled reduces emissions by a minimum of 20lbs according to a study completed by Carleton Universities Environmental Faculty.

CleanPlanet has reduced CO₂ emissions equivalent to driving the length of every road on earth — over 22,000,000 miles — many times over!

Efficiently turns waste solvent into a reusable, clean product
Highly verifiable CO₂ reduction
Makes a meaningful environmental impact
CO₂ reduction easy to track


The SunStation is a renewable energy solution for your phone presently in development to help begin the switch to renewable energy.

For most of us, our phones are the devices we use the most in our daily lives. The SunStation lets us take our phones off the grid and power them with clean, renewable solar energy.

Bridges the gap for adopting solar power.
Makes solar power easier to use, and more accessible.
Enables an easy switch to renewable energy.
Eliminates carbon produced from charging a phone from the grid.
Empowers the user with a “wow!” moment. They will immediately see that solar power actually works.

With the SunStation, you can make an impact just by charging your mobile phone.

Climate Good Credit Card

Climate Good Credit Card enables you to take climate actions by doing what you have been doing anyway.

Take climate action with no extra cost
Spend with climate positive confidence
Spend more, plant more
Fight climate crisis as an ecosystem, heading toward net-zero target in 2050