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General Questions

Where Will My Money Go?

Your subscription directly funds one or more of the following projects:

Tree planting. Our partner – Eden Reforestation Projects – plants the number of trees listed in your plan. The trees you plant will absorb CO2 as well as provide employment, restore forests in the areas of Mozambique, Madagascar and Haiti.

CleanPlanet. A project based in Canada that dramatically reduces carbon emissions.

This project reduces emissions by recycling industrial solvent waste for reuse in place of burning it. Each gallon recycled reduces emissions by a minimum of 20lbs according to a study completed by Carleton University‘s Environmental Science Faculty. Carbon credits listed in your plan will be purchased from CleanPlanet on your behalf. CleanPlanet will use the funds to build more Recycling units to reduce more emissions.

SunStation. A sleek, easy-to-use solar charging solution to help us all take our smartphones off the grid to begin switching to renewables.

Climate Good News. Our team will report weekly positive Climate Good News for you to enjoy and share.

How Will My Impact Be Measured?

Trees will be planted and protected for the life of the tree. Trees reduce roughly 48 lbs of carbon per year upon maturity and are mature for an estimated 60 years of their life. This adds up to 2880 lbs of reduction which is 1.4 tons of CO2. This means if you plant 15 trees, you will be helping reduce 21 tons of CO2 over the life of your trees.

CleanPlanet carbon credits are produced from present day emission reductions. The recycling machines are serialized and  record the amount of emissions reduced each day using an onboard computer. Using Bluetooth technology the recycling machine sends this information to a database memorializing the emission savings to a date, time and serial number. Each carbon credit purchased on your behalf will be provided to you with a serial number of the machine that created the credit.

The SunStation’s climate impact will also be tracked and measured. SunStation owners will be able to download an app that will show how much CO₂ their SunStation has saved, as well as the total CO₂ savings of the broader SunStation community.

How does Climate Good pick climate projects to fund?

We pick projects that we know have the highest amount of impact and are absolutely doing what we say they are doing.

How do I receive Project Updates?

We will email you updates pertinent to your plan each month. In addition we will post information weekly on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

What is Climate Good Badge and how do I receive it?

The Climate Good Badge is a digital badge made available exclusively to people doing positive action via one or more of Climate Goods plans. The badge may be displayed on any of your social media channels with pride. Download your badge here.

Questions about Tree Planting

Where will my trees be planted?

Your trees will be planted in Mozambique, Madagascar or Haiti benefiting us all from a climate point of view, as well creating employment and reforestation in communities that need it the most.

How much carbon do trees absorb?

Trees have an average lifespan of 80 years. They reduce roughly 48 pounds of emissions per year for the 60 years they are mature. This adds up to 2880 lbs which is 1.4 tons of CO2 reduction over the lifespan of each tree you plant.

Questions about Gifting Trees

How does gifting trees work?

After payment, An email with your gift certificate attached as a PDF will be sent to the recipient email address. Type your email address in the “recipient email” box below if you want to have the gift certificate emailed to you so you can print it out and give it to your recipient in-person later.

At the same time, Climate Good will proceed with planting the trees you purchase. Your recipient does not need to redeem the gift certificate.