Climate Friendly

$11.75 / month

Your Climate Friendly plan reduces 0.5 Carbon Footprint annually. That’s 8.4 tons of CO2 a year — ideal for urban apartment dwellers!*



The average carbon footprint for a person in North America is about 16 tons per year, one of the highest rates in the world.

But not everyone has the same impact on our climate.

The biggest factors in a typical carbon footprint are home heating and cooling, transportation, diet and travel.

If you’re an urban apartment dweller who mostly walks, cycles or uses public transit to get around, eats a vegetarian or low-meat diet, and doesn’t fly more than once or twice a year, chances are your footprint is closer to half the average.

And that makes this the perfect offset subscription for you!

What You Get

  • A British Aerospace Jetstream 41 weighs about 8 tons10 Trees planted monthly
  • Receive Climate Good Badge
  • Receive Climate Good News Stories
  • Support Carbon Reduction Tech Projects
  • Support Renewable Energy Projects
  • Projects Updates
  • 0.5 Carbon Footprint reduced annually. That’s 8.4 tons a year — about the weight of a British Aerospace Jetstream 41!*
  • And through Climate Good’s partnership with CleanPlanet, you’ll also prevent over 800 gallons of toxic used solvent from being dumped or incinerated.

*1 carbon footprint = 16 tonnes of CO2 – the annual emission of an average North American