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CleanPlanet dramatically reduces carbon emissions.

This project reduces emissions by recycling industrial solvent waste for reuse in place of burning it. Each gallon recycled reduces emissions by a minimum of 20lbs according to a study completed by Carleton Universities Environmental Faculty.

CleanPlanet has reduced CO₂ emissions equivalent to driving the length of every road on earth — over 22,000,000 miles — many times over!

Efficiently turns waste solvent into a reusable, clean product
Highly verifiable CO₂ reduction
Makes a meaningful environmental impact
Memorialized CO₂ reduction with machine serial number

Manufacturing companies (and many others) use solvents to clean “widgets” and production equipment. When the solvent becomes dirty,  90% of the time, trucks haul the dirty solvent for disposal via incineration. Disposal facilities burn the dirty solvent, which releases harmful gases into the atmosphere as greenhouse gases. CleanPlanet can instead recycle the solvent for reuse thus eliminating the need to burn and release emissions.

Every year in the United States alone, $5 billion to $10 billion worth of recyclable solvents are incinerated each year. CleanPlanet’s industrial solvent recycler was created to help companies reduce their carbon footprint by eliminating the hazardous waste they produce — of which more than 80% can be recovered for reuse. Its technology drastically reduces a company’s carbon footprint by recycling spent solvents again and again. Every five gallons recovered has the same impact on the environment as planting a tree.


How It Works

Patented technology uses heat to separate “good” solvent from solvent waste generated in manufacturing environments. The resultant product can be reused and recycled over and over again, with no degradation.

In the past, it took effort to recycle solvent. Drums had to be opened and drained into the recycling machine manually. With CleanPlanet, the fully-automatic closed unit allows for easy transition from the drum to the recycling machine. They are installed where hazardous waste is stored, and a hose is inserted into the dirty drum with a separate hose inserted into the clean drum. The machine senses when there is dirty solvent present, and automatically turns itself on, recycles it, and empties it into the clean drum. As soon as the clean drum is full, it turns itself off and waits for the clean solvent to be removed.


Tracking Its Impact

CleanPlanet’s solvent recycling machines track how many gallons of Hazardous Waste and how many pounds of CO2 emissions they have saved. The machines do this by metering each gallon of clean solvent produced. Each gallon of clean solvent produced eliminates one gallon of Hazardous Waste from being incinerated and therefore saves 20lbs of emissions. Using Bluetooth technology, the metered information is sent daily to CleanPlanets tracking App. Each ton of CO2 savings is a credit which is memorialized to the serial number of the machine that produced it. Subscribers will be given the serial number of the machine that produced the credits they purchase.